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Only recently has wet weather been blamed on carbon burning as the UN talks on climate change drew to a close.
Yet as evidence piles up, government and corporate leaders seem to be preparing not for a future powered by alternative energy, but for a new age of carbon burning.
After a memoir and an obituary, they consider thermonuclear carbon burning in the hydrodynamic model taking account of pre-supernova evolution and convection, the formation and evolution of the current sheet for driven magnetic reconnection field lines on plasma, dynamic current sheets in the earth's magnetotail, and Syrovatskii and the development of current sheet research.
He added that many of the hydro-electric and carbon burning power stations suffered damage and the government is considering imposing power cuts.
There are plenty of other sources apart from carbon burning.
The "Challenger" and the "G4" 24kW lights are the first single source discharge lights that outperform the famous D/C powered carbon burning arcs, once the staple of the motion picture industry.
The idea is to divert exhaust spewed from carbon burning plants and other factories into so-called "photobioreactors", or large transparent tubes filled with algae.
Global warming thanks to carbon burning like gasoline and jet fuels is heating up the earth, according to a consensus of scientists whose research shows rising seas, shrinking ice caps and increasingly warm winters.