seltzer water

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seltzer water,

mineral water containing free carbon dioxide, obtained originally from springs at Niederselters, Germany. Reputed to have curative value in treating several diseases, it became very popular in the 19th cent. In the 20th cent. it was produced synthetically and, as soda water, is widely used as a beverage, often lightly flavored, as well as a component of other beverages.
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s low-priced private-brand carbonated water, which debuted at the end of last year, is also selling well, with July sales soaring two times over the year before.
gas pressure rockets carbonated water to the surface, ejecting a cloud of C[O.
Tenders are invited for Natural Waters Carbonated Water Cooler for Special Targets Across Srcf Galati
Moreover, the presence of artificial additives and sweeteners in the carbonated water that can cause side- effects have a vital impact on the shrinking share of the carbonated bottled water segment.
It is thought to be sediment from fizzy carbonated water and suggests that hundreds of millions of years ago the red planet was warmer, wetter and more hospitable to life.
She and husband George, 71, had to make do with a six-pack of carbonated water - the only kind left - from the third store they visited.
However, carbonated water, popular with older adults, is showing year-on-year value growth of 2.
It was then sold as a patent medicine because people believed carbonated water was good for you.
Joseph Priestley is internationally famous for discovering oxygen and other gases,as well as inventing carbonated water -the basis of today's fizzy drinks.
Much like instant coffee, the powdered beer could be re-created with carbonated water and alcohol.
The result is virtually pure, slightly carbonated water.
Additionally, Le Cordon Bleu will reference SodaStream and the use of SodaStream Sparkling Water Makers in recipe books, online recipes, webisodes, and other materials which incorporate carbonated water as part of the culinary experience.