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The main metering jet for the plane's carburettor had come loose, increasing the fuel flow and choking off power," said the report by America's National Transportation Safety Board.
The report concludes: "There were differences in the techniques for use of carburettor heat between the actions contained on the pilot's kneeboard checklist, and the method taught by the instructor.
The investigation could not determine, with certainty, what caused this but considered that it could have been due to carburettor icing.
The pilot later established that he had left the carburettor heat control in the ON position.
A North Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said: "The fire was caused by a backfire in the carburettor.
The Dane, on loan at Peterborough this season, was accused of using an oversized carburettor as the Panthers swooped to a shock 46-44 win at title-chasing Poole on Monday night.
I spent wads on new tyres, a new carburettor and lots of other stuff.
I remember him telling me that the very early Spitfires had only carburettor, not fuel injection, as did the little German 109s ("Hundertneun" in German).
ICE forming in the carburettor has been pinpointed as the cause of a helicopter crash.
Jensen's impounded carburettor as part of his SCB duties.