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carcass, carcase

1.The framework of a building before the addition of sheathing or other covering.
2. The frame or main parts of a structure unfinished and unornamented, lacking masonry, brickwork, floors, carpentry, plastering, inside trim, etc.
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While steers and heifers showed a small improvement in the number attaining target specification, the number of young bull carcases classified 'R4L or better' increased from 53% to 57%.
More detailed analysis of the data revealed that the carcases under 250kg also classified markedly less well than those weighing over 300kg.
Mr Pullar said: "The fact that the average weight of heifer carcases ( the overwhelming majority of which come from the beef herd and none of which qualify for Beef Special Premium (BSP) ( increased by 28 kg/head to 288 kg, however, confirms substantial real beefing improvements.
Fresh or hilled Pig Meat (Excluding Carcases and Half-carcases, Hams, Shoulders and Cuts Thereof): European Union Market Outlook 2010 and Forecast till 2015
A SCHEME to improve carcase quality in the Hereford breed is being unveiled in detail to beef farmers in Northumberland later this month.
The urgent need for increased carcase weight and a fairer method of grading was highlighted by Mark Haighton, the company's pig development manager.
Half of the prime beef carcases classified in Great Britain met the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) target of 'R4L or better' from a sample of more than 300,000 prime cattle checked by the Meat and Livestock Commission last year.
It assesses sheep carcase classification and meat yield.
Carcase quality is one casualty of foot and mouth, livestock movement restrictions causing logjams in the production channels farmers have developed to ensure animals graze, eat supplementary feed and are sent for killing on schedules optimising weight, leanness and even conformation.
One NorthEast is meeting the immediate cost of disposing of sheep carcases, a responsibility which would usually fall on farmers.
This compares with 46% of carcases meeting the specification in 2006 and 41% in 2005.
I believe a differential of around pounds 5 per head is about the going rate associated with split and un-split carcases coupled with extra processing costs and the reduced marketability of the lambs.