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carcass, carcase

1.The framework of a building before the addition of sheathing or other covering.
2. The frame or main parts of a structure unfinished and unornamented, lacking masonry, brickwork, floors, carpentry, plastering, inside trim, etc.
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For carcass disposal capacity, without estimates of current capacity in the California three-county region, we considered levels ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 head per day.
Subsequent carcass disposal and cleaning and disinfection of the premises may be considered as recovery measures.
Given the disease spread parameters and capacity specifications for carcass disposal, vaccination and disease detection, the optimization model minimizes outbreak costs by choosing daily herd depopulation and vaccination levels.
In this study, we considered surveillance, carcass disposal and vaccination capacities.
A model was used to compare the benefits of control strategies such as vaccination, surveillance and carcass disposal.
After the tour, the Livestock & Poultry Commission met and formally amended its regulations to include freezing as an acceptable carcass disposal method.
The downturn in the economy, rising costs of hay, the drought that has affected many parts of the United States, the costs of euthanasia and carcass disposal, and the closing of the nation's slaughter facilities have all made the problem worse.
The report has been published by the Department of Health as part of an ongoing programme studying the effects of carcass disposal on human health, air quality, water supplies and the human food chain.
RESIDENTS living near a Warwickshire landfill site where animals culled during the foot and mouth crisis have been buried, say their safety fears have not been allayed by a government report on carcass disposal.
Such changes could not only mandate the destruction of entire herds if necessary, but also require animal carcass disposal plants to make final disposal of animal cadavers through incineration.