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carcass, carcase

1.The framework of a building before the addition of sheathing or other covering.
2. The frame or main parts of a structure unfinished and unornamented, lacking masonry, brickwork, floors, carpentry, plastering, inside trim, etc.
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In this study, it was found that all equations were better than the use of tables of chemical and energy composition of feedstuffs, resulting in broilers with better performance and carcass yield.
Slaughter and carcass quality traits, organs weights and primal cuts yields Since carcass quality traits are indication of the quality and utilization of the ration [10], it would seem that pigs on the 30% TDLM inclusion level, poorly utilized their feed as evident by their low values on carcass yield, carcass length and leg length.
Dietary effects of onion extract on growth performance and carcass yield of White mini broilers (1) Items (-)Control (+)Control Initial BW (g/bird) 39.
05 for feathers, head, feet, neck, liver, heart, intestines and clean bird carcass yields for birds from different farms and farms A to D.
There was no significant difference in carcass weight, but carcass yield of KND was higher as compared with commercial meattype ducks.
No significant difference was detected among treatment groups for carcass yield, proportion of liver, gizzard, head and abdominal fat, percent mortality and serum creatinine.
2008), an increase in the NDF content of the diet, such as that found in this study (Table 1), should result in a reduction in carcass yield, since the fiber content in the diet has a direct impact on the increased volume of the gastrointestinal tract, in addition to limiting consumption due to more time spent on fiber fermentation.
Effect of a free range raising system on growth performance, carcass yield, and meat quality of slow-growing chicken.
The objectives of the current study were to study the effects of: i) acid treatment of SOC on its chemical composition and nutritive value and ii) partial replacement of wheat hay in concentrate-based diets with sun-dried (SOC) or acid-treated (ASOC) OC on nutrients intake, rumen and urine pH, performance, and carcass yield of male Awassi lambs.
2001) who showed similar performance, carcass yield and cut yields of broilers at 49 days old fed diets supplemented with poultry fat, canola, sunflower, corn, soybean or lard.