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carnel, crenelle

Same as the embrasure of a battlement.
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The cause of the crash was not known but there was no enemy activity in the area when the accident took place, Carnel said.
Toutes fustes, seres ou estes, de fait ou de volente, prestes d'avoeques tous hommes gesir pour faire vo carnel desir : nulle, je croi, ne s'en gardast, se Peurs ou Hontes nel tardast.
THRIVING A bank vole, common to Gosforth Park Nature Reserve in Newcastle Picture: Veronica Carnel
Sure, snowboarders, snowboard companies, and the snowboard media will make a lot more money (yippee) but it will be in exchange for their souls, creativity, and individuality" (cited in Baccigaluppi, Mayugba & Carnel, 2001, p.
Kark ve Carnel 1996; Salsman ve Carlson, 2004) All-port ve Ross (1968) ise, calismalarinda kiliseye devam edenlerin, kiliseye devam etmeyenlerden daha fazla dogmatik ve onyargili olduklarini, dusmanlik duygularinin daha fazla oldugunu bulmuslardir.