carnivorous plants

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carnivorous plants:

see bladderwortbladderwort
, any plant of the genus Utricularia, insectivorous or carnivorous aquatic plants, many native to North America. Small animals are caught and digested in bladderlike organs of the finely divided submerged leaves.
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; pitcher plantpitcher plant,
any of several insectivorous plants with leaves adapted for trapping insects. Each leaf forms a "pitcher," a somewhat trumpet-shaped enclosure, usually containing a liquid.
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; Venus's-flytrapVenus's-flytrap,
insectivorous or carnivorous bog plant (Dionaea muscipula) native to the Carolina savannas and now widely cultivated as a novelty. The leaves, borne in a low rosette, resemble bear traps.
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The monster plant narratives of the pulps no doubt inherited this tension from their turn-of-the-century forebears, a simultaneous recognition that these animal-like monsters must be somehow natural, like the real carnivorous plants so carefully anatomized by Darwin, and that their very existence also threatens to destroy distinctions between the animal and plant kingdoms--as well as the hierarchy that those distinctions support.
Top botanists will be on hand to give demonstrations and offer advice and a range of carnivorous plant species will be on sale.
Most carnivorous plants will grow well in a soil mix that is half sand and half peat moss.
It is the only man-made outdoor bog of carnivorous plants in Southern California.
Because, you know, carnivorous plants are - duh - meat-eating plants.
CARNIVOROUS plants found on a Welsh farm are the first of their kind to be sent for cultivation at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
The bog's that gardeners' peat comes from are one of Europe's rarest wildlife habitats, home to birds like the Golden Plover and Snipe,insects, dragonflies and carnivorous plants.
So, too, in Vegas the possibilities are limited and the American dream of a big win veils a desert full of carnivorous plants.
You've been swallowed by the only nursery in the United States that's regularly open to the public and specializes solely in carnivorous plants.
You'll get 12 of the more than 600 species of carnivorous plants on the planet, and if you take good care of them, you could still have the whole dozen a year later, co-owner Jacob Farin says.
Plantasia, which features three different climate zones and has trees, plants and shrubs from all around the world plus a collection of 'creepy crawlies' and carnivorous plants, attracted 80,000 visitors last year.