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1. the technical name for wrist
2. the eight small bones of the human wrist that form the joint between the arm and the hand
3. the corresponding joint in other tetrapod vertebrates



part of the upper (anterior) pentadactyl extremity of vertebrates, located between the forearm and the metacarpus.

In man, the carpus consists of two rows of small bones connected by intercarpal joints. The first row is made up of the scaphoid, lunate, triquetrous, and pisiform bones, which (except the pisiform) are linked to the radius (radiocarpal joint). The second row, consisting of the larger and smaller multangular, capitate, and unciform bones, is linked to the metacarpal bones (carpometacarpal joint). The carpus increases the mobility of the hand.

In animals, the carpus is the base of the front paw and is located between the antibrachium and the metacarpus.


The wrist in humans or the corresponding part in other vertebrates.
The eight bones of the human wrist.
(invertebrate zoology)
The fifth segment from the base of a generalized crustacean appendage.
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PALMAR SURFACE: In the palmar region, with the carpus flexed and the transducer positioned transversely, the palmar intercarpal ligament (PIL) is observed superficially and just below the skin.
Cortical regions of radius, radial carpus, intermediate carpus, third carpal, ulnar carpus, fourth carpal, and accessory carpus bones were seen as a hyperechogenic line with intense acoustic shadowing, which is in accordance with the findings of REEF et al.
In light of the radiographic findings and the owl's improved mentation and increased activity level, a figure-of-eight bandage was placed on the bird's left wing to immobilize the carpus and elbow.
Repeated palpation of the left carpus and radiography revealed a well-aligned and fibrosing fracture site.
Basis shorter than carpus and propodus combined, l/w ratio 4.
Basis longer than carpus and propodus combined, with 1 dorsoproximal simple seta.
There was no evidence of any other fracture of the carpus or the hand.
7,10,12) Reports to date have included not just isolated fracture patterns, but also concomitant injuries to the carpus and metacarpals (Table 1).
The clawlike structures included Y-shaped [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2D OMITTED], pollexlike structures [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2E OMITTED], and a structure similar to the manus and carpus segments of the claw [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2F OMITTED].
Entre os animais portadores de DA, 66,9% apresentaram carpus valgus e 23,1% carpus varus, sendo que todos os muares apresentavam o mesmo tipo de DA em ambos os membros.
The cause of hyperextension injury is typically a single traumatic event or repeated hyperextension of the carpus.