carrion crow

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carrion crow

a common predatory and scavenging European crow, Corvus corone, similar to the rook but having a pure black bill

Carrion Crow


(Corvus cor one), a bird of the family Corvidae, order Passeriformes. The length of its body ranges from 44 to 56 cm. Carrion crows are divided into two groups according to coloring. These groups are sometimes considered as two independent species: carrion crows proper (black plumage with a metallic gloss) and hooded crows (grey plumage with black). Hybrid crows of an intermediate color are commonly found in bordering areas of distribution. Carrion crows inhabit Europe, Asia (excluding the south and southeast), and northeast Africa (the lower reaches of the Nile). In the USSR the hooded crow is widely distributed in the east to the Enisei River, in the south to Middle Asia, and in Turkmenia. The carrion crow proper in-habits the remaining regions. In the northern part of its area of distribution the carrion crow is a migratory bird; in the southern part it is sedentary. It nests in forests, parks, floodland plantings, and the like; in the winter it commonly nests in cities and towns. The nests are placed in trees, and when there are no trees, in bushes and even in reed-blockings in rivers. Laying (4-5 eggs) occurs between the end of March and May. An omnivorous bird, the carrion crow causes serious harm in some places by destroying the nests of game birds, especially duck nests. Species similar to the Corvus corone inhabit North America (C. brachyrhynchos) and south and southeast Asia (C. macrorhynchos).


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50]/mL; Table 2), suggesting that the carrion crow may not be an efficient amplifier for this WNV strain.
In the new study, researchers analyzed 741 carrion crow nests at a site in Spain over 16 years.
It's a massive carrion crow, the biggest crow you've ever seen," said Mrs Johnson.
My own bird list comprises: coal tit, great tit, blue tit, long-tailed tit, jay, magpie, jackdaw, carrion crow, rook, great spotted woodpecker, nuthatch, common gull, black-headed gull, song thrush, mistle thrush, blackbird, starling, robin, wren, chaffinch, swift, house martin, dunnock, house sparrow, sparrow hawk and heron.
Victims included white-tailed and golden eagles, kites, buzzard, tawny owl, carrion crow, magpie and even a blackbird.
Jackdaw, goldfinch, carrion crow, wren and robin numbers also appear to be on the rise.
It's a comprehensive record of the countryside and wildlife of this area of eastern Monmouthshire, tinged with regret for the marked reduction in many bird species and the huge increase in predators such as carrion crow and grey squirrel, which he believes should be selectively culled.
It was followed by the blackbird, blue tit, black headed gull, carrion crow and house sparrow.
The Carrion Crow is probably public enemy number one when it comes to egg predation.
While I was there a few woodpigeon lifted from crops, while a carrion crow flapped slowly overhead looking in vain for anything edible.
Yellowhammers have also plunged by 34%, house sparrows by 20% and linnets by 14% Winners since 1995 in the region include woodpigeon, up 22%; swallow 32%; carrion crow 11%; blackcap 26%; goldfinch 44%; chaffinch 23%; greenfinch 21%; wren 31%; dunnock 34%; robin 28%; blackbird 35%, blue tit 2% and coal tit 32%.