carum carvi

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edible caraway

edible caraway

Resembles wild carrot, but the wispy fern-like leaves are hairless and shorter. “Seeds” have 5 ridges, used as a spice (the famous seeds seen in rye bread) Useful companion plant that can hide the scent of neighboring crops from pest insects, as well as attracting beneficial insects like predatory wasps and flies to its flowers. Roots can be used like parsnip or carrot. Aids digestion, promotes menstrual cycle, used to increase breast milk. Expectorant, cough remedy.
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The CAR of rats administered with the extract of Carum carvi or vehicle increased gradually to 95% over seven to eleven days.
However continued treatment of Carum carvi produced better retention and recovery in a dose dependent manner than the vehicle treated animals.
The quantity of the Carum carvi extract needed for 50% inhibition of lipid peroxidation in rat liver homogenate was found to be 2350 [micro]g (Fig 4A).
In the present study the increase in the urinary VMA excretion during stress was used as a non invasive biochemical marker to study the antistress activity of Carum carvi.
Based on the above studies ascorbic acid excretion in urine was taken as an indirect biochemical index to indicate the influence of stress on catecholamine synthesis in rats and antistress (adaptogenic) activity of the Carum carvi extract on prior administration of stress induction.
Treatment with Carum carvi extract when associated with stress reversed the stress induced biochemical changes, i.
Based on these reports the antioxidant activity of Carum carvi extract was also done using ex vivo lipid peroxidation assay in brain and liver homogenates of rats.
The Carum carvi extract showing a decrease in memory loss could be due to its central cholinomimetic activitiy as well as its free radical scavenging mechanism.
The present study provides scientific support for the antistress (adaptogenic), antioxidant and nootropic activities of Carum carvi fruit aqueous extract and substantiates the traditional claims for the usage of caraway fruits in stress induced disorders.