case glass

cased glass, case glass, overlay glass

Glass formed of two or more fused layers of different colors; the top layer may be cut, permitting a lower layer to show through.
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Tenders are invited for Book Case Glass Lined Shutters
I ended up with a huge chunk of display case glass stuck in my hand.
A packed bed consists of a metal pipe or tube filled with small particles or objects, in this case glass beads.
When Peter Davies, defending, told the court Short would make timber case glass fronted frames using the cartridges to look like a flower, Judge Niclas Parry said: "I hope he doesn't hang them above the fireplace.
The city council has also sealed-off the area below the cafe, which has been burgled six times in the past three years, in case glass falls out and injures shoppers.
Of particular interest is an oversized rattan ball-shaped urn in natural finish with solid brass accents; an Italian tortoise case glass vase mounted on cast metal base with deep gold-plated finish; original art golf design in Chinese hand-lacquered porcelain with burlwood mount; autumn leaves design in black and burnt orange on large ceramic urn and a lamp featuring the two New York Library lions finished in washed almond and hunter green, mounted on a burlwood base.
This jewelry store owner realized that as an alternative to purchasing new showcases or windows made of burglary-resistant glass, he could have his existing show windows and display case glass retrofitted with our polyester laminate at almost 1/10th the cost.
Tenders are invited for Book Case Glass Door Front Four Door Size 72 Inch X 36 Inch X18 Inch Gauge 22/22
The focus will be on the enhancements to the MIROGARD product family, Protect Ultra and DARO, as well as on anti-reflective AMIRAN display case glass and semi-transparent MIRONA mirrored glass.