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Permanent or temporary housing for soldiers or, less often, groups of workmen.
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But as European militaries have shifted to smaller, all-volunteer forces concentrated in fewer caserns, significant social and political consequences resulted.
There were 500 palaces as beautiful as the Elysbe-Napoleon, magnificently furnished in the French style, several imperial palaces, caserns, and wonderful hospitals.
Based on the aforementioned facts and information, the army cannot be simply asked to return to its caserns and tend to its known security and military role, just like the squares cannot be mobilized in uncalculated confrontations to force the military to surrender power without any guarantees.
True, the military council renewed its statements regarding the staging of the presidential elections on time, the surrender power and the return to the caserns.
And while some are still doubting the credibility of the Freedom and Justice Party's flaunting of the existence of a conflict between parliament and the authority to make it look as though a conflict between popular legitimacy and a transitional power, it is feared that the party will exploit the crises to delay the military's return to the caserns.
Its sensitivity will escalate with the dawning of the presidential elections in June, considering that the military ought to return to their caserns after surrendering power to civilians.
Had the Syrian authority truly wanted to cooperate with the League's plan, it would have immediately - and without waiting for the observers - evacuated the security forces and the thugs from the streets, led them back to the caserns and allowed the staging of peaceful protests.