cash crop

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cash crop

any agricultural crop grown for the market rather than for subsistence.

Historically, the increasing importance of production for markets – including such phenomena as PLANTATION agriculture, AGRIBUSINESS, MONOCULTURE – is a central feature of social and economic development with very wide implications, including changes in LAND TENURE and forms of labour. As well as whatever new opportunities production for market brings, it also introduces into previously largely subsistence PEASANT economies new uncertainties and disruptions associated with market forces, where ‘natural’ disasters such as FAMINE from pestilence, flood or drought had formerly posed the main problems.

In the THIRD WORLD, a process of substitution of cash crops for others has been associated with processes of MODERNIZATION or DEPENDENCY and is often under the influence of foreign markets and foreign corporations. However, in Third World countries, with the growth of URBANIZATION, internal markets are often just as important. Whilst in some cases it is possible to see the substitution of some crops for others, e.g. carnations and coffee for maize and beans in Colombia, at other times the same crop may be both a subsistence and a cash crop, e.g. rice in many Asian countries. In this case, the process of movement to cash cropping may involve fewer varieties of crops being grown, having a similar effect of forcing the producer into the market to buy food previously grown for subsistence. See also SUBSISTENCE ECONOMY OR SOCIETY.

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Mustafizur Rahman, Additional Director of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), said farmers here are showing interest to garlic farming as they are getting bumper production and fair price of the cash crops.
Agriculture saw sturdy growth as rice and cash crops prospered under favorable weather this year.
Emphatically, a major goal of cover cropping is to avoid bare soil between cash crop plantings.
Their results indicate that winter rye crops seeded in not-ill corn/soybean systems when the cash crops were mature have the potential to reduce annual nitrate loss in field drainage by about 43 percent, or by 18 pounds per acre.
Cotton is the major cash crop and source of income for farmers in Nebbi.
Ethiopia wants to boost tea production to diversify exports away from its major cash crop, coffee.
In the December Bulletin of Cannabis Reform, drug policy researcher Jon Gettman uses government data to estimate that marijuana produced in the United States is worth nearly $36 billion a year to growers, making it the country's biggest cash crop by far.
A common plant that grows abundantly in the forests and undeveloped pastures of southern Georgia may be an alternative cash crop for the state.
Thanks to the aggressive action, national production of onions, a key cash crop, has tripled over 20 years.
It made sense to us to add another cash crop for Sudbury's farmers and even more sense to repatriate energy dollars to the local community.
Kenis has been working with Zambian researcher Gudeta Sileshi of the World Agroforestry Center to make edible insect larvae a sustainable cash crop for Africans.
Study of potential cash crop halophytes by a quick check system.