cash register

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cash register

a till with a keyboard that operates a mechanism for displaying and adding the amounts of cash received in individual sales

Cash Register


a machine that mechanizes cashbox operations, the handling of monetary receipts, and the tallying of the value of purchases in commercial establishments with multisectional accounts. Cash registers tally the cost of items and sometimes the amount of change as well; they print and give a receipt, print the operations on a control tape, and accumulate the amounts of receipts on tally counters on the basis of departments, cashiers, and item subtotals. In addition, cash registers show the transactions on two-sided indicators; when the readings are removed and the tally counters are cleared, the cash register prints their accumulated sums and the grand total on the receipt and control tapes.

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The Ministry of Finance supports certain exclusions in the frame of the principle of reasonableness when it comes to use of cash registers," Rasa Jakilaitiene, a Ministry representative, was quoted as saying.
Pacific Cash Register sells, installs and services POS systems to retail and hospitality businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
This is in addition to the cash register function can also operate various machines (turnstiles, speed machines, information terminals) and enable cashless transactions within the spa by Chip Coin.
Through the collaboration of key partners such as Commonwealth Cash Register, GSC Computer Systems, Paragon Services Incorporated, and Symbol Technology, the DECpos system is customized to meet ABC's current requirements and is flexible to accommodate future expansion.
The Sharp UP-700 point of sale system is more than just a cash register.
Photo: (1 -- color -- SAC edition only) The plastic cash register at the Hart PONY League complex in Valencia melted when a fireball suddenly leapt from a propane barbecue Sunday.
INC multiplexers integrate seamlessly to any POS terminal, standalone or cash register type, without requiring software programming or special cabling.
He would then raid the cash register and flee in a car.
This cash register delivers a reliable and economical solution to help any entrepreneur efficiently manage day-to-day sales operations.
Station owner Perry Irelan said the gunman walked into the cashier's kiosk and asked clerk Patric Pitsch for change, then ordered him to open the cash register.