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However, for the cashew crop becomes a more profitable and sustainable activity, being necessary to take full advantage of the cashew co-products such as the cashew gum (resin), since it is cultivated in a large area and due to the similar aspect with Arabic gum.
Polysaccharides such as Arabic gum, cashew gum and others can still move numerous research papers, involving studies of extraction, identification and characterization processes, properties, biological activities and applications (Yang & Zhang, 2009).
2010) and, perhaps, this water application can influence the production of cashew gum.
2001), evaluating chemical stimulants on the cashew gum extraction, observed higher gum exudation rates in the month of September, with the use of a combined solution of 15% of Ethephon with 5% of dimethylsulfoxide.
Interestingly, during the period that no exploration of Arabic gum at the producing areas (Sudan, Nigeria and Kenya) is realized; the production of cashew gum in Brazil is high, indicating that Brazil should be able to export the product.
Apart from those products, we emphasize the cashew gum, which is acquired from the stem; the sangria of cashew tree's peel, which can be used in the production of glues and/or capsules of medicines that are digestible, nontoxic.