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(both: kəsē`nō). 1 Card game played with a full deck by two to four players. Its origins are obscure though it probably traces back to the Italian game of Scopa. It is a very scientific game, though playing with more than two persons reduces the strategic possibilities. Four cards are dealt to each player, and four open cards are dealt to the table. Through techniques known as building and trailing, players attempt to take the greatest number of cards (counting three points); the greatest number of spades (counting one point); the ten of diamonds, or big casino (two points); the two of spades, or little casino (one point); and the aces (counting one point each). The game ends after all the cards of the deck are dealt in successive hands of four cards each.

2 A physical establishment in which various games of chance are conducted. Many casinos are also resort hotelshotel
[Fr., from O.Fr. (origin of Eng. hostel), from Latin (origin of Eng. hospital),=guest place], name applied since the late 17th cent. to an establishment supplying both food and lodging to the public (see inn).
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, such as those in Monte CarloMonte Carlo
, town (1982 pop. 13,150), principality of Monaco, on the Mediterranean Sea and the French Riviera. It is a tourist center noted for its world-famous gambling casino (built 1858) and for its scenery, fine villas, and luxurious hotels.
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, Las VegasLas Vegas
, city (1990 pop. 258,295), seat of Clark co., S Nev.; inc. 1911. It is the largest city in Nevada and the center of one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the United States.
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, and Atlantic CityAtlantic City,
city (1990 pop. 37,986), Atlantic co., SE N.J., an Atlantic resort and convention center; settled c.1790, inc. 1854. Situated on Absecon Island, a barrier island 10 mi (16.
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. Due to gaming regulations in some states, casinos are sometimes built as riverboats on bodies of water (most of these casinos are actually stationary barges in artificial lakes that are connected to rivers). In 1998, U.S. casinos had $24.3 billion in revenue. Since the late 1980s casinos have been built on many Indian reservations (see under gamblinggambling
or gaming,
betting of money or valuables on, and often participation in, games of chance (some involving degrees of skill). In England and in the United States, gambling was not a common-law crime if conducted privately.
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). The world's largest casino is the Foxwoods Resort Casino (Ledyard, Conn.), owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Nation. Opened in 1998, the casino has 6,000 slot machines and 350 gaming tables, plus hotels, restaurants, and retail shops. Other reservation casinos include the Shakopee Mdewakanton Dakota's Mystic Lake Casino (Prior Lake, Minn.), the Mohegan Sun casino (Uncasville, Conn.), the Oneida Nation's Turning Stone (Verona, N.Y.), and the many Pueblo-run casinos in New Mexico. Revenues from Indian-run casinos represented two fifths of all U.S. casino revenues by 2004.


A building used for public recreation and gambling activities.


1. A clubhouse or public room, esp. used for gambling.
2. A clubhouse or public room used for dancing.
3. A summerhouse or lodge; a retreat.
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This reduces the risk of detection by casino gaming commission law enforcement authorities or by private security personnel inside the establishment.
Consolidation to Grip Australian Casino Industry 32
Before he turned 18, Miller had to use a fake ID to get into the Cache Creek Indian Bingo & Casino outside Sacramento.
Throughout its 10-year experiment in gambling, Illinois assessed the highest casino taxes in the country--its original 35 percent rate compares with 6 percent in Nevada, 9 percent in Atlantic City, and around 20 percent in most other riverboat states.
4 million over a two-month period to cover losses, or absorb a $625,000 loss during a single casino visit, as Bennett did, according to casino records reviewed by The Washington Monthly.
He singled out the Times for "bringing out the facts in connection with this matter, which have led most people to predict that an independent counsel will be required to investigate" Babbitt's role in the alleged sale of a Departmental decision on an indian casino for Democratic campaign donations.
Jim Holley fought to keep casino gambling out of the Motor City.
Croix owned almost nothing except a few patches of land; today their casino gaming operations net upwards of $30 million a year.
While some Atlantic City casinos are in the throes of bankruptcy, the new Native American owned casino near Ledyard, Connecticut, is enjoying spectacular success.
Station's properties are regional entertainment destinations and include various amenities, including numerous restaurants, entertainment venues, movie theaters, bowling and convention/banquet space, as well as traditional casino gaming offerings such as video poker, slot machines, table games, bingo and race and sports wagering.
Twice a week, 83-year-old Mimi Shore giddily climbs aboard a van in West Covina for a free ride to San Manuel Bingo and Casino in San Bernardino.
FBI agents from the Huntington, West Virginia, resident agency traced the call to a pay phone near a gift shop in a casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.