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(käs-sô`nā), the Italian term for chest or coffer, usually a bridal or dower chest, highly ornate and given prominence in the home. Major artists such as Uccello and Botticelli painted cassone panels, and prominent sculptors were also employed to carve elaborate chests. The cassone was usually decorated with mythological or historical episodes. It became one of the first means of bold secular expression in Renaissance art.



a type of wooden chest popular in Italy during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Its front and side walls were decorated with gilded and red stucco, carvings, and paintings (usually of a secular character). Such eminent artists as Botticelli and Uccello worked on cassoni. In the late 15th century architectural influence in its trimming increased: the sides were often divided into panels with carving and intarsia.


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Other highlight of the auction was Gustav Klimt's Kirche in Cassone, which went for 26,921,250 pounds.
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