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Some of Gott's local public art can be seen in cast glass panels along a landscape trellis system on Zack Street, a chandelier in the Spring Hill Community Center in the Sulphur Springs neighborhood of Tampa and in the waiting room of All Children's Hospital in St.
stem luminaire is adorned with a repeating ring pattern and cast glass shiny opal diffuser coordinating with the fixture.
Then there were two pieces, both Senza titolo, 2013, made from cast glass full of quartziferous sand that cannot stay suspended and in theory will slowly settle, over a long period of time, forming a layer at the bottom.
They manufacture about every type of decorative glass imaginable including but not limited to cast glass, slumped glass, bent glass, laminated glass, silvered and painted glass, glass treads, and flooring.
Yet super luxury watch brand Harry Winston -- known in Hollywood for their jewelled timepieces -- chose to launch the biography of cast glass artist Hemi Bawa; and the two gelled supremely well.
This quirk of gravity is the key to the highly successful Steward Observatory Mirror Lab in Tucson, Arizona, where spinning ovens cast glass blanks for some of the world's largest telescopes.
This thick cast glass must be "annealed" for many hours in a kiln.
The office also contains cast glass walls, a special area for artwork and high-end plaster finishes.
An invaluable compendium of practical advice, tips, tricks and techniques, "Glass House covers everything from using bay windows to open up small kitchens; to using a cast glass banister insert as an element of sophistication for an otherwise ordinary architectural feature; to pairing door panes with transoms to brighten confined entry halls; to the use of skylights over kitchen work areas for added illumination; to utilizing glass blocks for shower enclosures; to choosing French doors for their architectural design flare; and so much more.
The artist among the group who has expertly intertwined his experiences with cast glass and as a ceramic artist is Takahiro Kondo.
Highlights of the tour include: -- Studio 98B, the art compound of large-scale raku ceramicists Barbara Harnack and Michael Lancaster -- Georgia O'Keeffe and International Folk Art Museums -- Bronze pour at Shidoni Foundry & Sculpture Garden -- Hot cast glass demonstration by artist Charles Miner -- Canyon Road Gallery hop
Eugene artist and toolmaker Chris Mini is turning stainless steel remnants into tools that he and others can use to cast glass.