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The pedestrian railing consists of cast-in-place concrete posts with painted metal rail panels in between.
The steel box core is 50 ft long and has shear studs to connect it to the cast-in-place concrete walls.
Cast-in-place concrete buildings have lower floor-to-floor heights than other materials.
Above that, it has a cast-in-place concrete core and steel framing around the perimeter.
The Cellcast Floor System provides the first high-capacity, low-cost wire and cable distribution system for cast-in-place concrete structures.
of Atlanta, is a minority/women owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise construction firm specializing in cast-in-place concrete work.
5~ span pre-cast rigid frame culvert on cast-in-place concrete footings supported by cast-in-place concrete piles, steel also includes the construction of permanent steel sheeting cofferdam, pre-cast wing walls, minor approach roadway reconstruction, new guide rail, and temporary traffic signal for staged construction.
The disparate floor heights of the adjacent buildings are joined in the new structure in an area called the "dissonant zone," a series of cast-in-place ramps integrating hollow core plank, pre-cast columns and beams and cast-in-place concrete, all of which will be exposed to the street through a grouping of windows in the facade.
Some of the elements of these homes that were unveiled at the event include stronger structural design to reduce damage from high winds and cast-in-place concrete walls to provide hurricane resistance.
Tenders are invited for Demolition of existing brick masonry walls, concrete stairs, and concrete slab-on-grade; removal of existing concrete sidewalk and curbing; saw cutting and removal of existing bituminous pavement to accommodate new construction activities; excavation/engineered backfill; construction of a new cast-in-place concrete retaining wall with a full height brick veneer; construction of new cast-in-place concrete stairs on-grade and slab-on- grade; new concrete sidewalk with integral curb and ada ramps; reconstruction of bituminous pavement; pavement markings; pedestrian guard and railing; temporary traffic control; and selective brick repairs to the building facade in the area of work.
These pre-cast floors weigh much less than cast-in-place concrete, which also cuts the cost of construction by reducing foundation requirements.
Webcor/Obayashi Joint Venture seeks Trade Subcontractors that have significant experience with concrete reinforcing, cast-in-place concrete, polished concrete finishing, seismic joint assemblies, and expansion joints on complex projects which require significant coordination with adjacent properties and traffic relocation located in an urban environment; including the engineering, coordination, procurement and complete installation of their respective systems.