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see beaverbeaver,
either of two large aquatic rodents, Castor fiber and Castor canadensis, known for their engineering feats. They were once widespread in N and central Eurasia except E Siberia, and in North America from the arctic tree line to the S United States.
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Beavers are believed to be wiped out in Britain hundreds of years ago due to the rampant hunting for their fur and castoreum.
BEAVERS were hunted almost to extinction for fur and castoreum, a secretion from the scent gland which has medicinal properties.
British chef and food activist Jamie Oliver ignited a firestorm in January 2011 when he mentioned on the Late Show with David Letterman that castoreum, a substance used to augment some strawberry and vanilla flavorings, comes from what he described as "rendered beaver anal gland.
That other whiff of animal in your perfume could be musk secreted from the sheath gland of the musk deer or a dash of castoreum from glands in the groin of the beaver.