cat ladder

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cat ladder, duckboard, gang boarding, roof ladder

cathedral: plan of Wells Cathedral. A, apse; B, altar; D, E, eastern transept; F, G, western transept; H, central tower; I, J, western towers; K, north porch; L, library; M, western doorway; N, N, western side doors; O cloister yard; P, Q, north and south aisles of choir; S, S, east and west aisles of transept; T, U, north and south aisles of nave; R, R, chapels; V, rood screen; W, altar of lady chapel
A plank with a series of small strips nailed across it; hung on a sloping roof under repair to provide a footing for workmen and to protect the surface.
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Tenders are invited for Providing and fixing of Cat ladder for approach to duct able AC Unit installed at 35 0 height under false ceiling and other allied work in Multipurpose hall in police line Sector 26, Chandigarh Ch.
0 M height% complete with Flood Light Fittings, control gear, mounting brackets and supports to form 4 row cluster to install minimum 20 light fittings on each %Mast%, including %Caged% cat ladder access and maintenance platform on top of the masts including all associated civil and electrical works on EPIC basis.
The system enables centralised collection of waste product, therefore removing any health and safety issues of machines being moved by personnel up and down vertical cat ladders.