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1. the intake and expulsion of air during respiration
2. the air inhaled or exhaled during respiration
3. a single respiration or inhalation of air, etc

What does it mean when you dream about breath?

Many people have problems breathing during sleep, even if they do not have full-blown apnea, and this can be reflected in one’s dream life. If not an apnea symptom, holding one’s breath in a dream represent an expression of will, or repressing one’s anxieties or emotions. Breathing is also central to an unusually large number of idioms: “a breath of fresh air,” “a waste of breath,” “take your breath away,” “catch your breath,” “out of breath,” and the like, any one of which could find expression in one’s dreams.

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In fact so dazzling was the line-up that you hardly had time to catch breath as the icons and the family favourites rolled by.
There was little time to catch breath and in the 14th minute Teale produced a mazy run before stinging Dykstra's hands with a 20-yard angled drive.
Amoruso has hardly had time to catch breath since that shock debut at Parkhead but he has already made some startling observations about the Scottish game.
Of course, the Germans could afford to be kind, having just ran off with the result which ensures Scotland's champions will spend the remainder of their Group F campaign fighting just to catch breath.
With Champions League qualifiers and Premiership matches to contend with, there has been little chance to catch breath but the 24-year-old is revelling in the hectic pace.
The Champions League veteran at least managed to keep his composure as his team-mates struggled to catch breath.
Rangers were struggling to catch breath in those frantic opening minutes as the pumped-up Slovenians swarmed all over them and they escaped again in nine minutes when burly stopper Marinko Sarkezi was just inches away from connecting with a free header in the heart of Klos' box.
Whenever Liverpool get their opponents on the ropes, they seem to stop fighting, put up their guard and then allow their rivals to catch breath and hit back.
Rae has hardly had time to catch breath never mind contemplate what may lie in store in Glasgow's East End.
HAVING notched up 44 appearances for club and country in the past eight months, travelling countless miles in the process, it would not be unreasonable if Steven Gerrard longed for a moment to catch breath and rest his aching limbs.
The Spaniard was dictating play from the centre of a frantic midfield through which he somehow managed to glide effortlessly as all the rest struggled to catch breath.