catchment area

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catchment area


drainage basin,

area drained by a stream or other body of water. The limits of a given catchment area are the heights of land—often called drainage divides, or watersheds—separating it from neighboring drainage systems. The amount of water reaching the river, reservoir, or lake from its catchment area depends on the size of the area, the amount of precipitation, and the loss through evaporation (determined by temperature, winds, and other factors and varying with the season) and through absorption by the earth or by vegetation; absorption is greater when the soil or rock is permeable than when it is impermeable. A permeable layer over an impermeable layer may act as a natural reservoir, supplying the river or lake in very dry seasons. The catchment area is one of the primary considerations in the planning of a reservoir for water-supply purposes.

Catchment area

Surface, typically on a roof, where rainwater is caught and directed into a rainwater harvesting system.

catchment area

[′kach·mənt ‚er·ē·ə]
The rural-urban outskirts of a particular city.

catch basin

A reservoir, esp. for catching and retaining surface drainage over a large area, in which sediment may settle.

catchment area

the area of land bounded by watersheds draining into a river, basin, or reservoir
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Current catchment area identification methods do not have any associated tests of statistical robustness or measures of their uncertainty.
Previous researchers [1, 7, 8, 15, 16] have been using various annual precipitation water data between 400-900 mm and evaporation and transpiration data between 275-500 mm (50%-90% of precipitation water) to find the catchment area water reserve.
He added: "But if seats are available and if the pupil goes to the other catchment area bus stop then transport, if available, can be provided strictly on a term by term basis.
The finance group says the average cost of a home in one of the catchment areas was pounds 194,507 last year compared with an average of pounds 146,676 in the surrounding areas, meaning parents would pay an extra pounds 47,831 if they wanted to send their children to one of the top 50 schools.
The council says that living in a catchment area is no guarantee for a place - something the Marlborough parents say they understand.
Our research shows with competition for school places remaining high, parents are making significant financial and lifestyle sacrifices to be within the catchment area of desirable schools.
The Warwickshire Teacher Representative Panel - made up of heads and trade union representatives - called for the problem to be solved by leaving catchment areas unchanged and giving younger brothers and sisters priority in all Warwickshire schools.
IPL CEO Sundar Raman said that franchisees are aware of the catchment area regulations and also in cases when more than one team owner approaches an uncapped player.
According to market research provider Experian, the scheme's catchment area stretches along the A449 as far as Worcester to the south and Bridgenorth in the North and Birmingham to the East.
After eliminating the normal causes of house-price variation -number of rooms, type of house, extra garaging and so on - they discovered that location within the catchment area of the two most sought after schools "did significantly affect house prices".
We have a lovely home in the catchment area of a good primary school in Cardiff.