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We should distinguish between categorial intentions, which are intentions about what category an artwork belongs to, and semantic intentions, which are intentions about work-meaning.
Compared with subject-oriented adverbs, subject-related adverbs therefore arrange themselves at a different point of the categorial space between adjective and adverbs: as there is no adverbial function, subject-relatedness pushes these '-ly' words into the category adjective and away from the category adverb within the categorial space shared by adjectives and adverbs.
A analise categorial por ano tambem revela aspectos sobre a construcao e/ou afirmacao identitaria da cidade via Diarios Associados e em qual contexto historico se deu sua implantacao.
La question beaucoup plus difficile concerne l'origine, la genese, d'un concept, qu'il soit empirique ou categorial (et, au fond, tout l'ecole brentanienne est hantee par le probleme conceptuel de l'origine: l'origine de la connaissance morale, l'origine du langage, l'origine de la representation de l'espace, l'origine du nombre, de la geometrie, etc.
This assumption presupposes a conception of grammar, the principal mechanism of which are the inherent combinatorial and categorial properties of lexical items.
First we show a simple example of domain-specific framework reuse through categorial constructions and refinements.
Even persons who have never heard of Emmanuel Kant or the categorial imperative to punish believe that violation of law must be followed by the infliction of pain.
1) Expenditures for AFDC-related Medicaid protection include money spent for persons receiving AFDC cash assistance as well as people in various Medicaid-only programs, such as medically needy where people meet AFDC categorial requirements.
The categorial dependent variable in the analysis consists of the ordered source of investment in children (which ranges from the extreme where father and father's kin is the nearly exclusive source to the extreme where mother and mother's kin is the nearly exclusive source).
Examination of the instructionally relevant learner characteristics of LD and remedial students will help address issues such as the extent to which LD and remedial programs serve children with different instructional needs; the feasibility of grouping LD and remedial children together for instruction; and whether the majority of low-achieving, special needs children could be served within one integrated program with one funding source, one set of rules and regulations, and one administration rather than in a host of distinct categorial programs as they are now served.
With regard to reference, Lowe defends what he calls categorialism," which is the claim that a person can single out an object in thought only if he grasps some categorial concept (for example, animal") under which he conceives the object.
In terms of categorial structure, we can distinguish between absorptions, where the source of the base is associated with a distinct category, and incorporation, where the base is categorially constant.