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Emergent cattails (40% of total) was the most abundant habitat, while pioneer mudflat (5%) and turf grass (6%) habitats were the rarest habitats in the drainage system.
To living in impenetrable stands of cattails as far as the eye can see?
Many animals go to the cattail supermarket's "salad bar.
You'll see Russian olive trees, mint, burdock, jointgrass (used by Indians for scrubbing), cattails (once used for weaving chair seats), and teasel (for carding wool).
Hilda Solis (D-El Monte) joined Metropolitan Director David De Jesus in presenting a $15,000 check to the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council against a watery backdrop of native willows, marsh pennywort, cattails and various forms of wildlife.
You could feel a thick, cold blanket of moisture in the air as we waded through the cattails to carefully place our floating mallard decoys off the point in front of us.
We had nothing to lose by changing plans and scurried over to the edge of the cattails about a half-mile away.
The latest incarnation would transform 30 to 40 vacant acres along Woodley Avenue into a series of shallow waterways lined with cattails and bulrushes and bisected with boardwalks and trails.
Muskrats and other marsh inhabitants eat cattails and bulrushes, but generally avoid loosestrife.
Propagating cattails has never been a problem, for us