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While the history of cattle breeding in Estonia has been examined by researchers (e.
Location: Central Cattle Breeding Farm Alamadhi Chennai Tn
As cattle breeding requires large amount of investment, and has a rather long earning cycle, many farmers reduced their cattle amount due to worries on potential risks, thus, end-year stock of cattle is declining.
Replying a question of MPA Rehan Zafar, the Minister said that Livestock department is maintaining Red Sindhi Cattle Breeding Farm at Tando Muhammad Khan and Livestock Experiment Station Nabisar Road in District Mirpurkhas.
He also demanded import of more than 1 million livestock in order to alleviate the meat supply and also demanded easy loans for cattle breeding and farming.
However, although the earlier sense of crisis in the Scottish industry is no longer apparent, insiders say they remain deeply worried by the downtrend in beef cattle breeding and finishing stock numbers.
Cattle breeding company Genus reported a 36 per cent fall in annual pre-tax profits to pounds 3.
The experiment was conducted by the Cattle Breeding Development Institute in Osumi, Kagoshima Prefecture, and was commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to explore the possibilities of breeding cloned cattle.
Address : Director Incharge Central Cattle Breeding Farm Alamadhi Chennai Tamil Nadu
The project supports exchange of technologies in agriculture and cattle breeding.
DNA technology has revolutionised the cattle breeding industry and a DNA sample, usually a small section of animal hair or a swab test, produces an accurate method of identifying the best animals available to go forward for widespread use.
HYDERABAD, July 16, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Sindh Minister for Livestock, Mir Abid Hussain Jatoi paid surprise visit to Red Sindhi Cattle Breeding Farm, Tando Muhammad Khan late Wednesday evening and expressed his dissatisfaction regarding its management.