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Greece: see GávdhosGávdhos
, Clauda
, or Cauda
, small Mediterranean island, S Greece, near Crete. In the Acts of the Apostles it was the refuge of St. Paul's ship during the tempest.
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The authors proposed that due to the androgenic suppressive effects of the alcoholic extract of RGL, microenvironment changes cauda epididymis might had occurred leading to the inhibitory effects on metabolic pathways.
The relationship between the cross-sectional area of the cauda equina and the preoperative symptoms in central lumbar spinal stenosis.
Although neurological complications have been observed with different local anaesthetics, lignocaine causes the highest incidence of transient neurological symptoms and possibly, cauda equina syndrome.
In cases where there is significant spinal cord, cauda equina or nerve root compression by the cysts, posterior decompression and laminectomy should be performed as part of the surgical treatment.
Cauda equina syndrome is caused by any large space-occupying mass, such as a large central HNP, located in the spinal canal at the level of the cauda equina.
001) reduction in the sperm concentration of testes and cauda epididymides.
The risk of irreversible cauda equina syndrome after lumbar manipulation has been estimated at 1 in 100 million (Spine 17[12]:1469-73, 1992).
Briefly, within 15 min of sperm diffusion from the proximal cauda epididymis, each uterine horn of the anesthetized recipient female was injected with a volume containing 5 x [10.
Ms Tait said: "ere seems to be a lack of knowledge even now in the NHS about my condition, cauda equina syndrome, not just in Cheltenham General, but in a lot of the hospitals where I have received treatment since.