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Stucco cladding with caulked windows deflected bulk water effectively.
Stucco with freshly caulked window frame prevented liquid water penetration at window/wall interface, even with reverse shingle-lap.
It is important to properly prepare all surfaces that will be caulked.
When caulked, flashed and applied properly, EIFS provides an exterior finish that requires less maintenance than many other building products, greater energy efficiency and a highly water-resistant exterior "skin.
Additional insulation has been added in buildings to cut heat loss, windows have been caulked and sealed, and designed to prevent opening.
The volunteers caulked the windows, fixed door jams and insulated a number of areas, including the chimney, pipes and attic doors.
These homes are poorly caulked and weatherstripped or, more importantly, have poor insulation in their ceilings, walls and floors.