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Use of a device or chemical agent to coagulate or destroy tissue.



a medical treatment utilizing thermal, chemical, electric, or radiation burns. Cauterization is used to destroy such conditions as small skin tumors, warts, excessive granulations, and tattoos. It can be performed by diathermal coagulation, galvanocautery, chemical substances, or laser radiation. In surgical practice it is used to separate tissue and to stop bleeding (electric scalpel, laser beam). In the treatment of some inflammatory diseases, cauterizing agents in the form of a mustard plaster or ultraviolet radiation (quartz) serve a revulsive and reflex-therapeutic function.


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Groups like Cauterize, Finger Eleven, Seether, and BOYSETSFIRE highlight the different modes of racing.
9 /PRNewswire/ -- Manufacturers of energy-based therapeutic technologies including cryogenic, radiofrequency, thermal, hydromechanical, laser, electrical, ultrasonic, microwave and radiation have developed sophisticated modalities to cut, cauterize, and ablate tissues with minimal invasiveness, little if any damage to surrounding tissues and high quality outcomes.
Electrosurgical instruments are used to cut and cauterize tissues in nearly all of the 11 million surgeries performed in the US annually.
Robotic instruments are used to dissect and cauterize the tissue surrounding the operative site and then close the abnormal connection.
It is not a simple matter to cauterize these patients, because the anesthesia is not as potent as one would desire and the young age of most patients usually does not engender high levels of cooperation.
If you sear the links the same way you cauterize a center cut, the brat may burst and its casing will split.
His latest undertaking dissects elements from dubstep, glitch and grime and cauterizes them together in the most visceral and precise manner possible," a news release says.
The laser cauterizes the peel, much like when a laser is used on human skin.
The heat from the water cauterizes the endometrial layer.
One cauterizes broken wing joints with black honey.
As the heated implement contacts tissue, the device cuts and cauterizes, and when deactivated, cools quickly.
The cylinder of the rollerball provides even heat distribution that cauterizes the tissue and prevents it from bleeding.