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A tumor composed of lymphatic vessels or blood.



a benign tumor consisting of blood or lymph vessels. There are two forms of angioma—simple angioma, which is a congenital flat growth on the skin or mucous membrane, forming the basis of so-called vascular birthmarks (of bluish-purple color), somewhat elevated above the skin and requiring no treatment; and cavernous angioma, a tumor found in subcutaneous tissue or inside internal organs, sometimes giving rise to serious hemorrhages. Surgical removal of the latter type of angioma is necessary in case of rapid growth or the presence of disfigurement.

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1-5) We report a case of acute-onset unilateral tinnitus related to an acute hemorrhage of a small cavernous angioma in the contralateral temporal lobe.
18) Patients with cavernous angiomas (Figure 11) often have stippled calcifications (19) in the vessel wall or the adjacent brain parenchyma.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- Olympic gold medalist, Florence Griffith Joyner, recently died of a congenital blood vessel abnormality called cavernous angioma.