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kevel, cavel, cavil

1. A stone mason’s axe with a flat face for knocking off projecting angular points, and a pointed peen for reducing a surface to the desired form; also called a jedding axe.
2. A heavy timber, as a timber bolted between two stanchions.
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There should be no caviling at his determination to treat with equal attention all manner of written (and some iconic) manifestations of royalism -- satires, printed texts of parliamentary speeches, occasional news pamphlets and periodic newsbooks, argumentative tracts, as well as the Cavalier verse of one's expectation.
Such ungrateful caviling aside, The Penguin Dictionary is an extraordinary scholarly accomplishment, an extremely useful compilation, and a volume to be cherished, reread, and continually consulted.
This has resulted in a number of disciplinary actions, firings, and lawsuits, as well as the usual carping and caviling about the hideous specter of Big Brother.