ceiling beam

ceiling joist

ceiling joists carrying an acoustical ceiling
1.Any joist which carries a ceiling.
2. One of several small beams to which the ceiling of a room is attached. They are mortised into the
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MPs have returned to which debating chamber two months after one of a ceiling beam swung loose?
In his lab, people of various ages walk back and forth while wearing a harness that hangs from a ceiling beam.
Tenders are invited for CEDC/C Civil improvement works of providing special treatment to the damaged ceiling beam and other toilet works at O/o.
Once you have your measurements, hold the first bracket against the ceiling beam.
Inside the property has a hall with quarry tiled floors, a ceiling beam and a door into the well appointed cloakroom with storage.
A colleague unwittingly pinned Brady between the vehicle and a ceiling beam as he drove out of the depot.
One of his young daughters discovered his body hanging from a ceiling beam.
Roof Centre, ceiling beam, wall bar, outlet center, the monitor arm, surgery lamp, operation lamp, study lamp, heat radiator, cutting table, blood refrigerator, laboratory refrigerator, laboratory refrigerator freezer, laboratory freezer, pharmaceutical refrigerator, pharmaceutical refrigerator freezer, oven, clothes dryer, Ice flake.
These include an elegant drawing room with a feature fireplace and a separate dining area, a cosy sitting room, which has a decorative fireplace and a feature exposed ceiling beam, and a warm and welcoming family room.
There is a music room of triple aspect, again with a recessed brick fireplace and heavy timber, a corner storage cupboard and exposed central ceiling beam.
Key features include exposed ceiling beams, engineered oak wood flooring and traditional windows.
com to purchase your decorative ceiling beams today.