ceiling beam

ceiling joist

ceiling joists carrying an acoustical ceiling
1.Any joist which carries a ceiling.
2. One of several small beams to which the ceiling of a room is attached. They are mortised into the
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A ceiling beam above a family's dining room table dips lower despite a succession of attentions by experts with their various interpretations.
Once you have your measurements, hold the first bracket against the ceiling beam.
MPs have returned to which debating chamber two months after one of a ceiling beam swung loose?
In his lab, people of various ages walk back and forth while wearing a harness that hangs from a ceiling beam.
The hall - now used as a dining room - is a large and light room that has an authentic inglenook fireplace, ceiling beam and tiled floor.
A colleague unwittingly pinned Brady between the vehicle and a ceiling beam as he drove out of the depot.
One of his young daughters discovered his body hanging from a ceiling beam.
2x ceiling supply unit, - 6x ceiling beam system 2-bed its, - 6x ceiling beam system 1-bed its, - 10x wall power units.
Heating distributors, Valve radiators, Ceiling beam sails with various dimensions approx.
protection and safety measures, - Repair of beam ceilings: Ceiling beam repair and ceiling beam reinforcement with Insets, height compensation, for approx.
These include an elegant drawing room with a feature fireplace and a separate dining area, a cosy sitting room, which has a decorative fireplace and a feature exposed ceiling beam, and a warm and welcoming family room.