ceiling fitting

surface-mounted luminaire

A luminaire that is mounted directly on the ceiling.
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Tenders are invited for Replacement of lift car ceiling fitting and key switch In Connection With Repiar Maintenance Operation lift at GIPMER, New Delhi
Unfortunately for singer Una Gibney it proved to be literally true during her post-racing concert on Friday, when receiving a blow to the head from a dislodged ceiling fitting.
com, 0845 165 6565); Selma 5-light ceiling fitting pounds 34.
This Bamboo 3 Light Fitting is a beautifully crafted contemporary ceiling fitting in a Satin Brass finish with acid/clear glass and elegant bamboo style arms.
Alongside their more conventional fittings, Artemide have launched two flamboyant new designs: Pipe Sospensione, a flexible chord wall or ceiling fitting, left; and Sextans with its hot-formed acrylic body raised on slender chrome legs.
A single pendant lamp or close-up ceiling fitting is the commonest choice but wall-mounted uplighters or recessed downlighters at ceiling level can often create a more attractive effect.
You will normally need higher wattage bulbs - 100-watt typically - instead of the 60-watt you might use in a standard ceiling fitting.
Dunelm Mill offers affordable style including a five-arm Romance chandelier style-light, or a modern Spiky Ball four-light halogen ceiling fitting, both PS59.
Mr Suddick used to run a suspended ceiling fitting company but said after he became a suspect and was questioned by cops over the slaying of Mr Logan, his business failed.
Twelve months earlier the decision to book Status Quo backfired financially when the ageing rockers failed to attract the anticipated large attendance and the bad luck on the music front continued when a dislodged ceiling fitting resulted in the show ending