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cell reference

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cell reference [′sel ‚ref┬Ěrəns]
(computer science)
The address of a cell that contains a value that is needed to solve a formula in a spreadsheet program.

(spreadsheet)cell reference - A string identifying a particular cell in a spreadsheet, possibly relative to the cell containing the reference. A cell reference may be absolute (denoted by a "$" prefix in Excel) or relative (no prefix) in each dimension, thus, e.g. B$6 refers to the second cell across in the sixth row. The distinction between absolute and relative is only significant when the referring cell is copied, e.g. if cell A1, which refers to B$6, is copied to cell B1, then B1 will refer to C6.

If the reference is to a cell in a different sheet then it is prefixed with the target sheet's name and an exclamation mark. E.g. "Sheet 1!B3".

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Note that the cell references to B4, B3, and B2 include dollar signs to make those references absolute.
We are proud to be working with Aricent to demonstrate a 20MHz small cell reference solution.
Currently, in volume commercial deployment, Cavium offers a complete manufacturable small cell reference design for the OCTEON Fusion family, which includes hardware design files, as well as integrated, royalty-free L1-L3 LTE software.


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