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(sĕl`ə), the portion of a Roman temple that was enclosed within walls, as distinct from the open colonnaded porticoes that formed the rest of it. It corresponds to the naosnaos
, inner portion of a Greek temple, enclosed within walls and generally surrounded by colonnaded porticoes. In it stood the statue of the deity to whom the temple was consecrated.
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 in Greek temples. The cella housed the statue of the deity to whom the temple was dedicated and was also used as a treasury. Sometimes it extended the whole width of the building, instead of being kept entirely within free-standing colonnades. The cella was generally a single chamber, but there were sometimes two chambers, or even three, as in the temple of Jupiter on the Capitoline Hill.


The sanctuary of a classical temple containing the cult statue of the god.

cella, naos

cella E, site of cult statue A
The sanctuary of a classical temple, containing the cult statue of the god.
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