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1. of, relating to, resembling, or composed of a cell or cells
2. having cells or small cavities; porous
3. Textiles woven with an open texture


Characterized by, consisting of, or pertaining to cells.
Pertaining to igneous rock having a porous texture, usually with the cavities larger than pore size and smaller than caverns.


(language, cellular automaton)
A system for cellular automaton programming by J Dana Eckart <dana@faculty.cs.runet.edu>. Cellular includes a byte-code compiler, run-time system, and a viewer.

Latest version: 2.0, as of 1993-04-03.

Posted to comp.sources.unix, volume 26.

See also Cellang.
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As White et al pointed out, microscopic examination is usually sufficient to identify a cellular schwannoma, even though these tumors have certain features in common with classic schwannomas, such as Antoni B areas, hyalinized and thick-walled blood vessels, and collections of foamy macrophages.
The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) estimated that PCS and cellular fraud cost carriers $440 million in 1994, $650 million in 1995, and $710 million in 1996.
They said providers of the new technology would be able to set themselves apart from the cellular companies with better sound quality and more sophisticated features.
Moreover, cellular users pay for the cells they make and the ones that they receive.
There are three basic elements to a cellular network - the cell site, the cellular switching computer and the cellular phone.
For us, it's not an issue because we don't block any 911 calls,'' said Erin Eggleton, a spokeswoman for South San Francisco-based Cellular One.
The California Highway Patrol, which keeps traffic statistics, does not record information on cellular phone use.