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The 'Black Box' prize is offered by the cosmetics company Lush, which hopes to stimulate an international research focus on describing human toxicology pathways - the cellular chain of events that follow when a toxic chemical first interacts with cells in the body.
In a kind of cellular chain reaction, Chawla's team found that when eosinophils at the site of muscle injury secrete a molecule called IL-4, FAP cells respond by expanding their numbers.
If the cellular chain complexes of [SIGMA] and [PSI] are algebraically dual (for example, if [SIGMA] and [PSI] are Poincare dual cell structures on a compact orientable d-manifold), then [K.
2] of the real projective plane, whose cellular chain complex is
Let [SIGMA] be the cell complex whose cellular chain complex is
from a one mall kiosk to a five store paging and cellular chain with over 15,000 customers.
They can also start the cellular chain reaction that leads to inflammation.
I must pick it up, where he threw it in the dirt, the pointless cellular chain.
Within minutes of applying Nino Sorgente facial serum, eye serum and moisturizer a cellular chain reaction is sparked activating the defender super-cells of the immune system of the skin.