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First-Place Award: The team of Yu-Hung Chen, 18, and Shih-Hao Chen, 18--both of the Senior High School Affiliated to National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan--received the AMS special award of $2,000 for the best atmospheric exhibit at the ISEF for their work, "Experimental Simulation of Cellular Convection with Miso Soup.
00 M0650 62 for measurements of fiber optic lines multimodowych with connectors S960, F960Task 14 - Delivery of cellular convection dryerTask 15 - Supply of electromagnetic napownicyTask 16 - Delivery of two needle lockstitch machine.
The structure inside the polar vortex is reminiscent of the open cellular convection that is often seen over Earth's oceans," said Tony Del Genio, a member of the Cassini imaging team at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, N.