cement block

concrete block

A hollow or solid concrete masonry unit consisting of portland cement and suitable aggregates combined with water. Lime, fly ash, air-entraining agents, or other admixtures may be included. Sometimes incorrectly called cement block.
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They will also be constructing a cement block house for a less fortunate family.
The Kevlar makes the shafts 27 percent stronger than the highly popular Maxima Hunter[TM] shafts, and capable of withstanding impact with a cement block.
Interestingly, the biggest jolt comes late in the game, when Theo clobbers an opponent in the head with a cement block.
You can put a pole into a cement block or use a base from a Christmas tree and attach a broomstick in it.
Tree roots are adapted to the practice of breaking down stone and will have no problem puncturing your cement block foundation, so leave a wide berth for the trees' maximum growth
Designed for use on tilt-up, precast or poured-in-place concrete, as well as CMU, cement block and stucco surfaces, Loxon XP provides superior resistance to alkali and efflorescence.
Sometimes I would get a bed of coals and set half a cement block on the coals.
Constructed in 1998, Somerset Business Park is an attractive, well-maintained three-building property featuring a decorative cement block facade and storefront glass systems.
And yet, as Watkins makes dazzlingly clear, these revelations of Elizabeth's torrid loves and murderous jealousies had not one cement block of historical foundation.
In the 1970s, he created a riveting solo that consisted of repeatedly lugging a cement block up a ramp.
No, they also want an engagement ring the size of your average cement block on their finger.