cement block

concrete block

A hollow or solid concrete masonry unit consisting of portland cement and suitable aggregates combined with water. Lime, fly ash, air-entraining agents, or other admixtures may be included. Sometimes incorrectly called cement block.
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Robinson revealed that he hit the 65-year-old ex-army officer with a cement block after indulging in a drunken brawl with him on February 1.
Unlike the conventional cement block, an AAC block is easy to use and is less messy.
5500 square foot cement block structure with 7 bays total, three 20' x '15 overhead garage doors.
After spending some time talking to local farmers and collecting ideas on the construction process, and reading about different designs, I rolled up my sleeves and set about building a cement block smokehouse.
The minibus then hit a cement block and rolled over.
Bangladeshi Zia Mohammed has been urged to come forward to complete the repatriation process of Dulal Khalifa, who died when a cement block fell on his head from the second floor of a two-storey building at 1pm on Friday.
The Talwars had also sought a number of exhibits collected by the police and the CBI -- such as the blood- stained palm print on the cement block, bottles of Sula wine and beer from Hemraj's room, blue and white pillow cover also recovered from Hemraj's room, a purple pillow cover and khukhri seized from Krishna's house -- and urged the court to allow an examination by their DNA experts.
It's understood he may have been struck with a cement block on Sunday evening in the disused property at the junction of New Street, Newgate Street and John's Lane in Co Waterford.
Dubai An Asian man killed his friend by smashing his head with a cement block, police said yesterday.
Into the Knight consists of a suit of armor crushed with ladders; a series of cast-steel belts hangs from beneath the cement block.
Canadian troops had reinforced the prison with cement block after a suicide attack in 2008 blew apart the prison gates and freed hundreds of criminals and suspected insurgents.
It is believed that Jake George Cole, 23, slipped when scaling the railing and fell onto a cement block.