cement content

cement content, cement factor

The quantity of cement contained in a unit volume of concrete or mortar, preferably expressed as weight, but frequently given as bags of cement per cubic yard of concrete, e.g., a 6 ½-bag mix.
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Tenders are invited for Provision of P/L RMC M-35 grade with 400 kg/cm3 cement content from Agrasen Chowk to Sarvodya Chowk and near Pan Bhandar to Govt boys school old Faridabad Ward No.
ASTM D 6023, Standard Test Method for Unit Weight, Yield, Cement Content, and Air Content (Gravimetric) of Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM)
many state highway agencies specify a minimum cement content between 550 and 600 lb.
This is probably due to the dilution effect as a result of reduction in the Portland cement content and amount of Ca(OH)2 available for pozzolanic reaction.
Pin-pointed concrete mix-designs with optimized cement content
Because concrete production is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, the design team was one of the first specifiers of a new lowcarbon CMU product with reduced cement content and a patented system to sequester carbon within the blocks.
Alkali-Silica Reactivity in Concrete-Importance of Cement Content and Alkali Equivalent.
The lower impact of diatomite content on decrease in compressive strength at high doses was mainly due to high cement content of mixtures.
However, the cost of a foamed concrete mix is dependent on the amount of cement content and by the amount of foam dose [2].
Chopra [12] studied the effect of replacing cement content with rice husk ash as supplementary cementing materials in self-compacting concrete and reported that as the content of rice husk ash increased, the permeability of the concrete decreased.