cement content

cement content, cement factor

The quantity of cement contained in a unit volume of concrete or mortar, preferably expressed as weight, but frequently given as bags of cement per cubic yard of concrete, e.g., a 6 ½-bag mix.
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The cement content in concrete is reduced with regard to two aspects [1-6]:
In addition to chilled water in the mix, cooling lines are employed at the pour site to reduce the heat produced by high slag and cement content.
However, the cost of a foamed concrete mix is dependent on the amount of cement content and by the amount of foam dose [2].
M-35 grade cement concrete for reinforced cement concrete work, using cement content as per approved design mix, including pumping of concrete to site of laying but excluding the cost of centering, shuttering, finishing and reinforcement, including admixtures in recommended proportions as per IS: 9103 to accelerate, retard setting of concrete, improve workability without impairing strength and durability as per direction of Engineer-in-charge.
The reduction can be attributed to lesser cement content in the mixtures, increased water to cement ratio and DS acted as a filler materials.
2] mixes significantly cut the Portland cement content of the concrete mix (a major contributor to green house gas emissions) and will result in an estimated net savings of one million pounds in CO[sub.
The superplasticizer has no effect on the compressive strength of concrete with a reduction in water and cement content in concrete at the same temperature (Table 9).
A few cases of in situ fracturing were recognized in rocks of the Parnu, Vadja and Leivu Fms with the cement content of at least 30-40% (Fig.
The average slag content was 19% of all cementitious materials used in the concrete, but cement with as much as 93% slag cement content was used for some mixes.
These investigations did not cover, however, the combined effect of varying cement content and additive level on the properties of unfired or fired concretes.
Official Documents relating to structural safety in venues and other infrastructure projects have revealed that the cement content used in some building was lower than prescribed and recorded.
During testing in an independent laboratory, cement content was found much less than prescribed and recorded to have been used," the report said.