cement factor

cement content, cement factor

The quantity of cement contained in a unit volume of concrete or mortar, preferably expressed as weight, but frequently given as bags of cement per cubic yard of concrete, e.g., a 6 ½-bag mix.
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The cement factor is 17 percent below that of a mix design for a standard 4,000 psi compressive strength target concrete.
Still he added the local dispatches growth in North was double than South because the Iranian cement factor has not impacted Northern region as much as the Southern region.
Jatoi's father, Sikandar Ali Jatoi owns a cement factor in Hyderabad and also owns Awaz TV channel.
The Marakisha tribe released the five captives they had been holding for over a week, including three Red Cross workers and two Egyptian engineers who had been working in a cement factor in Abyan.
Other users on the social networking site claimed the bang had been caused by an explosion at a Midlands ammo dump or a cement factor y.
Two dozen Chinese cement factor workers were kidnapped this month and released a day later in an incident Chinese officials said was isolated and would not impact their work in Sinai.
Caption: Ninety percent of the concrete Miami's Supermix supplied for the 57-story SLS Lux tower was designed with 40 or 50 percent slag cement factor.
As an alternative to burnt units, DuraBric comprises a mixture of earth with 5 to 8 percent cement factor, and cures naturally in the sun after demolding.
Today, flexural strengths of 650 psi and higher are achievable with moderate cement factors and the addition of polyolefin fibers, which increase the toughness of concrete.