cement grout

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1. Mortar containing a considerable amount of water so that it has the consistency of a viscous liquid, permitting it to be poured or pumped into joints, spaces, and cracks within masonry walls and floors, between pieces of ceramic clay, slate, and floor tile, and into the joints between preformed roof deck units.
2. In foundation work, mixtures of cement, cement-sand, clay, or chemicals; used to fill voids in granular soils, usually by a process of successive injection through drilled holes.
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In addition, some of the company's experienced mining clients use a combination of ordinary cement with Ciment Fondu (calcium aluminate) to achieve rapid-setting cement grout mixtures, thereby cutting the time between grouting and being able to restart development operations.
As well as supplying steel products for ground control, such as rock bolts, friction rock anchors, welded mesh, straps and self-drilling anchors, the company's chemical resins and adhesives include Lokset polyester resin capsules, Loosest pourable resin grouts, Capcem cement grout capsules for rockbolting, Capcem cement, the Capcem injection grout system, thin-spray liners and foamed grouts.
Avanti International claims to be the only full-service provider and most experienced supplier of high-quality chemical and cement grouts in the U.
You'll quickly feel how epoxy grout is different from cement grout.
With cement grout you use very little water; too much will ruin it.
Ordinary cement grouts are susceptible to discoloring, a particular hazard on a working kitchen countertop.