cement mixer

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concrete mixer, cement mixer

A machine that mixes concrete ingredients by means of paddles or a rotating drum. Raw materials usually are introduced into the mixing drum through its open end and discharged by tilting the mixing drum to allow the concrete to pour out.
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Lino Sella has more than 50 years of experience, and producers a wide range of cement mixers - from traditional and silent to hydraulic types of 140-litre to 1500-litre capacities - as well as mortar machinery, plastering machines, and plaster sprayers.
Major Al Khater said that the inattention of the cement mixer driver caused the accident, as he crashed into the bus from the back on the right side, which led to the bus flipping on its side.
Eight people were injured - two of them seriously - when a cement mixer lorry fell off a bridge and crashed onto a train on the line below.
The incident comes after two 18-tonne cement mixer wagons were taken from Micromix RM on Bradley Mills Road in Bradley Mills overnight on July 16.
At the moment, some 400 cement mixer trucks are used by the Construction Ministry, though they'll gradually be replaced by domestically produced trucks using technology by foreign companies involved in joint ventures.
The cement mixer was huge and she must have been in agony.
Lee Balkwell was crushed in 2002 when a cement mixer he was cleaning was turned on.
THIEVES stole a cement mixer and copper tubing from a council-owned site in Warwickshire.
If you've never been to a circuit party, just picture a thousand naked Ken dolls and a can of Crisco tossed into a cement mixer.
From suspended sculptures that hijack the slogans of a sloppy pop culture and stylize them into something only half recognizable to logo-bearing carpets, by way of a disco-ball cement mixer and a Fiat on cinder blocks, seemingly the whole of contemporary culture had been plowed through and could be seen here.
Rio executives were on hand for the commencement of the construction phase of the 60,000 square foot expansion of the Pavilion Convention Center and to witness the first cement mixer to come onsite and pour the first batch of concrete.