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A tissue closely resembling bone which covers the root of a tooth.



the bony tissue that covers the root and neck of a tooth in mammals and humans. The cementum keeps the tooth firmly in its socket. Like other structures containing collagenous fibers, cementum is elaborated by special cells. The cells, known as cementoblasts, are buried deep in the cementum and are converted into cementocytes. Cementum contains 29.6 percent organic matter, 57 percent calcium phosphate, 8 percent calcium carbonate, 1.2 percent calcium fluoride, and 1 percent magnesium fluoride.

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Progenitor cells from dental follicle are able to form cementum matrix in vivo.
Although there were still some new cementum and periodontal ligament in OFD group, most of defects were occupied by minimal mature new bone and provisional connective tissue.
2]s could be scored separately to avoid assessor bias when measuring x-ray images and for cementum line counts conducted by an independent laboratory.
This may explain why the cementum does not resorb and provides insight as to how this tissue protects and holds teeth in place.
In particular, an analysis of cementum annuli may be used to estimate age, or to develop population estimates through mark-recapture using a biomarker such as tetracycline (Matson and Kerr 1998).
High-power SEM revealed reparative cementum in the Icariin-treated samples.
They are defined as injuries involving the enamel, dentine, cementum and sometimes pulp.
In most of them, the age classification is based on biological characteristics that show the transition of one growth stage to another, such as deposition of cementum layers on canines (Grue and Jensen, 1979; Saez-Royuela et al.
This space is necessary to provide a channel for the migration of progenitor cells towards and onto the detoxified root surface hence differentiation of cementoblast, formation of new cementum and periodontal ligament is desired (17, 18).
The oldest free-ranging deer with age determined from counts of cementum annuli was a 20-year-old female in New York state (Sauer, 1984).
PDLSCs showed the best regenerating capacity of the periodontal ligament (which attaches the tooth to the alveolar bone in which the teeth sit), alveolar bone, cementum (material that comprises the surface of a tooth's root), peripheral nerve and blood vessels when compared to similar transplants using dental pulp stem cells (taken from the center of teeth) or periapical follicular stem cells (taken from the developing root).
The ACAD scientists also found that cementum, the coating of the root, was a richer source of DNA.