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A tissue closely resembling bone which covers the root of a tooth.



the bony tissue that covers the root and neck of a tooth in mammals and humans. The cementum keeps the tooth firmly in its socket. Like other structures containing collagenous fibers, cementum is elaborated by special cells. The cells, known as cementoblasts, are buried deep in the cementum and are converted into cementocytes. Cementum contains 29.6 percent organic matter, 57 percent calcium phosphate, 8 percent calcium carbonate, 1.2 percent calcium fluoride, and 1 percent magnesium fluoride.

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High-power SEM revealed newly developed cementum in the Icariin-treated groups.
Table 1: Identification table (for estimation of age with the use of point classification including coronal displacement of cementum, secondary dentine, transparency) Sum of the points Chronological age in years 2.
All arvicoline teeth from Kokoweef Cave are ever-growing, with cementum in the reentrant angles.
Clinical cases and human histology of laser assisted cementum mediated new attachment will be presented.
Enamel is the hardest and most intensely mineralized substance in the body, and is one of the four main components of the teeth, alongside dentin, cementum and pulp.
16) For adult patients with CD who have exposed cementum and root caries, an adjunctive topical application of a 1:1 mixture of chlorhexidine/thymol varnish should be applied after prophylaxis to reduce the incidence of root caries if primary methods prove unsuccessful.
MTA Fillapex (Angelus, Londrina PR, Brazil) is a new paste-paste MTA-based root canal sealer with a high sealing capacity and it is the only root canal sealer that promotes cementum regeneration, according to the manufacturers.
Pelvises from 17 male and 18 female moose >2 years old (confirmed by counting tooth cementum annuli) were used in this study.
These lasers are relatively poorly absorbed by tooth structure so that soft tissue surgery can be safely performed in close proximity to enamel dentin and cementum.
We determined age to year using cementum annuli (Keiss, 1969) from an extracted upper canine.
Tissue sections showed that the replanted tooth was surrounded by newly formed, functional periodontal ligament fibers and new cementum, the essential ingredients of a healthy tooth attachment.