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For many years Jess had been employed about the cemetery as a man-of-all-work and it was his favorite pleasantry that he knew "every soul in the place.
well, then, she will have gone to mass or else to the cemetery.
We are burying a child, poor little thing, in the new cemetery to-day, so we shall have begun by laying innocence and virtue there.
Katerina Ivanovna was irritated too by the fact that hardly any of the lodgers invited had come to the funeral, except the Pole who had just managed to run into the cemetery, while to the memorial dinner the poorest and most insignificant of them had turned up, the wretched creatures, many of them not quite sober.
Raskolnikov came in almost at the moment of their return from the cemetery.
Existing cemetery guidelines remind visitors to lock their cars, ``conceal any valuables'' and report anyone suspicious.
In 1992 we over bought about 5,000 Christmas wreaths," said Worcester, "and I decided Arlington Cemetery was where they should go.
Dinorah Caraballo, a member of the Clinton Historical Commission, said, if the cemetery is approved for inclusion on the national register, it opens the door to apply for grants to renovate tombstones, trees and roads in the cemetery.
More information on VA burial benefits is available from national cemetery offices, from the Internet at www.
The General Cemetery of All Souls at Kensal Green (consecrated in 1833) was the first great necropolis to be laid out near London, and owes its origins to the transformation of the picturesque English landscaped garden in France as a place of sepulture, commemoration and Elysium of allusion.
In the running for a top cemetery award is the pet cemetery at Brynford and (inset) Emma Ward
A pile of rubbish including toilets seats, carpets and bags of masonry was found at Cathays Cemetery - just yards from a public tip.