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a container for burning incense, esp one swung at religious ceremonies

Censer ; Thurible

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

As its name implies, the censer holds incense and dispenses smoke during rituals. The ecclesiastical name for it is thurible. It is equated with the element of Air. Frequently the censer is hung on the end of a chains, or chains, so that it might be swung to promote the burning of the charcoal on which the incense rests. It is usually a metal vessel, perforated with holes, into which glowing charcoal is placed and incense is sprinkled onto the charcoal.

Ancient Egyptian censers were small bowls with a handle. Those used by the Greeks and the Romans were more like braziers. They were not swung, being much heavier than today's censers and were often made of bronze or iron. Early Jewish censers were like the Egyptian ones, and were shaped like ladles.

In Wicca the censing of the Circle is part of its consecration at the start of every coven ritual. Each person in the circle is similarly censed, as a cleansing. Any object—amulet, talisman, working tool—is censed when consecrated.

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Similar censer bases have previously been discovered in the village of Bonyad in the province, the Palangard Tepe in Eslamabad Gharb in Kermanshah province, and a fire temple near the town of Aran-Bidgol in Esfahan province, he said.
Especially when such an artificial form as the canzone is combined with an exciting fictional context such as the "strange men-at-arms" who pick up an echo with "my mailed thought," the swaying censer, the spices of the Earth, and the mysterious Khadeeth {whom I must admit 1 was surprised to find, expecting some lady, either Proven(;al or unidentified).
This censer and a two-and-a-half inch fluted bowl are examples of "the finest celadon made in the Longquan district of far southwestern Zhejiang province".
Compare with the personal censers of the Old Testament in Numbers 16:18: "And they took every man his censer, and put fire in them, and laid incense thereon, and stood in the door of the tabernacle of the congregation with Moses and Aaron.
An icon sure to grab the attention of the late period Russian market is An Angel Participating in the Divine Liturgy, Holding A Candle and a Censer, (right) which portrays the Grand Duchess Maria Romanova, the daughter of Tsar Nicholas I, worth between e1/48,000 and e1/412,000.
In the 2009 report, Integration of Climate Change Considerations in Statewide and Regional Transportation Planning, the USDOT Censer for Climate Change and FHWA provided analyses, observations, and lessons learned from three case studies and summarized the proceedings from two panels of State and regional experts.
As for the archeological artifacts, excavations unearthed two metal coins, clay lanterns, a censer, aAa turquoise glass plate and an amulet in the form of turtle made of white lime.
The family of the deceased, dressed in funerary attire and carrying a censer, and the relatives and friends all fell behind.
Beside him a boy swung a censer, the smoke spiraling furious in the strong warm wind, and just behind came three mariachis in full finery as vividly out of tune in Benson's memory as last night's Bach.
It's a threatening censer to both sides of conflicts in Sudan.
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