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Naismith, basketball's ultimate purist, was indignant when the center jump was eliminated.
But elimination of the center jump, he felt, created a disadvantage to the team that had scored.
When the shot is made, S1 should already be in an ideal defensive location (near the back side of the center jump circle) to back up the "2 Press" as the last line of defense between the ball and his/her team's defensive basket.
The new rules - particularly, the elimination of the center jump after each score - resulted in a game with a faster pace, requiring more skill and coordination from the players.
JIM NANTZ (CBS anchor), reporting on the 19-17 halftime score in the NCAA basketball tournament game between Michigan State and Wisconsin: "The ball kept getting stuck in the bottom of the peach basket, and the janitor couldn't pry it loose in time for the center jump.
With the elimination of the center jump, the introduction of the one-hand shot, and the promotion of Madison Square Garden, basketball bloomed into a national and then international sport, replete with spectacular tournaments, a smashing pro league, and enthusiastic acceptance all over the world.
They were among 13 people who died in Pacific Parachute Center jumps.