center-opening door

biparting door

A double door having two leaves (one on each side of the center line of the door) which slide in the same plane and meet at the center line.
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1961 Lincoln Continental Sedan: Continuing Lincoln's tradition of restrained elegance, the 1961 Continental introduced the unique center-opening doors and chrome-accented upper shoulder line that established a signature look for Lincoln and remains one of the most enduring designs of all time, a complete original.
The interlocking center-opening doors provide integral side impact protection, and an integral rollover cage is designed into the vehicle supported by the door ring frame.
And Lincoln could have a four-door convertible with center-opening doors.
3 of 6 lifts are planned, each with 8 stops, with center-opening doors and each 8 portals.
Pillar-less center-opening doors and power assisted swivel front seats helped facilitate a hassle-free ingress and egress event.