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(US), center
1. Geometry
a. the midpoint of any line or figure, esp the point within a circle or sphere that is equidistant from any point on the circumference or surface
b. the point within a body through which a specified force may be considered to act, such as the centre of gravity
2. the point, axis, or pivot about which a body rotates
3. Politics
a. a political party or group favouring moderation, esp the moderate members of a legislative assembly
b. (as modifier): a Centre-Left alliance
4. Physiol any part of the central nervous system that regulates a specific function
5. a bar with a conical point upon which a workpiece or part may be turned or ground
6. a punch mark or small conical hole in a part to be drilled, which enables the point of the drill to be located accurately
7. Basketball
a. the position of a player who jumps for the ball at the start of play
b. the player in this position
8. Archery
a. the ring around the bull's eye
b. a shot that hits this ring


1. the. the sparsely inhabited central region of Australia
2. a region of central France: generally low-lying; drained chiefly by the Rivers Loire, Loir, and Cher
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Contract notice: Passive biomonitoring using mosses and lichens of the impact of heavy metals and pcdd / f centers around energy recovery of household waste in saint-ouen, ivry-sur-seine and issy-les- moulineaux
The first, The Night Before 30, centers around five women on the even of their 30th birthday.
The book is richer but the movie centers around the main conflict, which is in the courtroom.
Neither side would discuss the status of the talks, but the sense that time was running out increased as the pilots began staffing their regional strike centers around the clock.
Kaplan now offers English language training at 17 centers around the globe, including operations in the U.
Neighborhood life centers around Seventh Avenue, the main shopping drag for residents, with not a tourist trap in sight.
com) is a leading association for data center professionals, offering services to help support the management of data centers around the world.
According to officials with Chili's, which leases its property, the dispute centers around the issue of customers' ability to leave the property.
A large number of TomoTherapy treatment centers around the world are moving to purchase their second and even third units, with nearly a dozen duplicative systems scheduled to be installed within the next year.
The Company's proprietary BeadArray technology -- used in leading genomics centers around the world -- provides the throughput, cost effectiveness and flexibility necessary to enable researchers in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries to perform the billions of tests necessary to extract medically valuable information from advances in genomics and proteomics.

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